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  1. Hello everyone, The same thing happened to me, I noticed yesterday that I am missing a notebook called "Cabinet" Where I had some important notes, it has even affected my work today. I don't know what happened, I am sure I didn't delete it even by an accident. It's not in my trash. I created a ticket for this, number #231302 Please help anyone, after this experience I will do regular backups. Thank you.
  2. Thanks for reply Mr. Bond. Yeah it's totally frustrating, it's too bad I can't use this application the same way anymore as I could use it before version 5. This was totally working in version 4 and I see no logical reason to make it this way as it is now, it appears to me as a BUG. I often have selected about 5 tags, and then I need to change notebook but I need to keep those tags still selected but NOPE, it just gets all deselected and I must remeber which tags I had selected to reselect them ALL, this is not effective and it drains my focus and time, I need to work quick. If I hold CTRL it should just select that damn notebook without deselecting my tags. If I wanted it to behave like this I wouldn't hold CTRL. Notebook selection doesn't give a f*** if you are holding CTRL. I am not the only one with this who complains there are 2 of my collegues who hate this bug either. I hope someone competent will get this message.
  3. What I want is to have this fixed. I think that's obvious. But I feel like no one from evernote team pays attention to this issue
  4. OMG, another update and I don't see this fixed!!!! At least reply someone!
  5. so today another update came out. My issue is still there and no one even discusses it wih me
  6. Hello, I would like to suggest you to add an option to evernote, so we are able to choose which notebooks will be used to generate related notes. Why do we need this? We GTD evernote users, usually have "Action pending" and "Completed" notebooks or similar And if we are working on a note which is in "Action Pending" notebook, we might not want to see related notes from notebook "Completed" because these are not relevant anymore. Thank you
  7. Hello, I use evernote for GTD, thesecretweapon. I would like to point at poor multi tag selection in evernote 5 for windows. for example, I hold CTRL, click on 2 tags to select them, they are selected now, that's fine, I am still holding CTRL and now I click on some notebook, to search those 2 tags in this notebook, and boom. My 2 tags get deselected!!!! This is so annoying, in version 4 it was just fine. Then you removed the functionality completely in version 5. And then you made another patch, where you put it back, but poorly. Please fix this.
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