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  1. Derp! Workaround for individual documents: "The workaround for individual notes is to select them in the PC Evernote client and then select Format, Simplify Formatting. You can also use Ctrl-Space which is a bit quicker."
  2. No, I will not waste my time trying to go back and fix my note line by line so I can use it in Evernote. First because it's a decent sized document and it could be virtually any (or all) of the text that is causing the problem. Second, if and when it comes to that I will just transfer the data to another format and stop using Evernote. I've had some leeway on this project which has allowed me the time to sit back and hope that they can fix the problem, but as it's been almost a month now I can't really stall on this project much longer, and when I do I'm going to have to throw myself into it a bit more to make up for lost time. I submitted a ticket for the problem/error message that I described in my initial post. After two weeks or so of correspondence with the support agent the best they could do was say that they would send off the info to their development team, and then send me a link to this thread... the thread that I created in the first place. I'm not sure if the person even noticed that I both sent the ticket and created this thread, I'm not sure if they have the ability to see that information, but it made me feel kind of like I was in the movie "Brazil", and it also makes me wonder as to whether or not they even have their $#!& together at all. Before submitting the ticket and before creating this thread, I did some searching through the forums and found that there has been a similar problem with Android on other devices. In most cases the problem was eventually addressed and fixed in subsequent updates. I tried updating the Android app and the problem is now worse. Now I can't even view or edit the note in Android at all, which defeats the purpose of using Evernote, since I mostly use it on my Android device. I have sent a new support ticket for the new error message/problem, and have not had a response back from them in a week's time. The automated response says they'll get back to me in 24 hours. I wrote them a reply to the automated response yesterday and they have still yet to get back to me on the problem. I also wrote back to the service rep that contacted me regarding my first ticket, and have yet to hear back from that person as well. I've had timely responses and simple fixes for all of the tickets I've sent in the past, but this one is really trying my patience. I feel like I am paying to be a beta tester. Not cool. Since the same problem seemed to have been addressed (in what seems to me to have been a more timely fashion than in this instance) I was hoping that the problem would have been fixed in the most recent update. I'm hoping that maybe the next update will fix the problem, but maybe I won't even bother to wait for the update. If anybody at Evernote reads this, or even cares, please understand that my workaround for this problem might just be to work around using Evernote altogether.
  3. Getting the alert: "This version of Evernote does not support inline editing of webclips" when trying to open a note with the Android app. Note was edited yesterday in Chrome on Windows 7 platform, and includes formatting that was cut ant pasted, specifically content from Wikipedia. Primary concern is that I can't use bullet formatting when adding to this note. Secondary concern is how the interface with the note itself becomes more rigid, but it seems that this problem has been attended to before. At this time updating to the latest version of Evernote for Android does not solve the problem. Device is an ASUS Transformer running the latest version of Android.
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