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  1. Evernote restricts what kinds of clickable links I can make. I propose that this artificial limitation be removed.

    It seems like I can only make a link to a .com/.net/.org type of address, or to a link starting with http://.

    This means that many kinds of links are not allowed. Right now I cannot make a link to a generic top level domain, such as .club, .info and .link.

    I also can't link to a non-http address. It would be really useful to be able to point to a file with file:// (local) or smb:// (network share). Some apps also allow direct connections via URL, like tel://, skype:// and message://.

  2. It is very useful to have multiple notes windows open at once. However, I am loath to close Evernote because I have to manually remember which notes were open so that I can open them again when I launch it again. This can be stressful if Evernote crashes or if I have to restart my computer.

    Every modern web browser has an ability to save which tabs are open. When I close and restart the app, I trust that I can get back to work very quickly. Why can't Evernote have a feature like that? If I close Evernote (or if it crashes), I want to be able to trust that it can resume from where I left off.

    NB I posted about this back in 2013, but I don't think the forum had a specific Ideas feature back then.

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