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  1. Evernote restricts what kinds of clickable links I can make. I propose that this artificial limitation be removed. It seems like I can only make a link to a .com/.net/.org type of address, or to a link starting with http://. This means that many kinds of links are not allowed. Right now I cannot make a link to a generic top level domain, such as .club, .info and .link. I also can't link to a non-http address. It would be really useful to be able to point to a file with file:// (local) or smb:// (network share). Some apps also allow direct connections via URL, like tel://, skype:// and message://.
  2. I've re-posted this as an Idea, now that the forum has that function.
  3. It is very useful to have multiple notes windows open at once. However, I am loath to close Evernote because I have to manually remember which notes were open so that I can open them again when I launch it again. This can be stressful if Evernote crashes or if I have to restart my computer. Every modern web browser has an ability to save which tabs are open. When I close and restart the app, I trust that I can get back to work very quickly. Why can't Evernote have a feature like that? If I close Evernote (or if it crashes), I want to be able to trust that it can resume from where I left off. NB I posted about this back in 2013, but I don't think the forum had a specific Ideas feature back then.
  4. Thanks for your encouragement, lykoz. I tried the Chat again this morning and this time within a couple of minutes I was in touch with a helpful support team member who was able to resolve my problem very quickly. It is frustrating that I've had to chase them up so much, but I'm glad it's now over! As for the time difference, it just means that I have to use the live chat in my morning, which can be difficult given my work schedule. US Pacific Time is still way better for me than US Eastern Time!
  5. I wish that were the case I went over to the chat, and all I got was, "Thank you for your patience. All agents are assisting other customers. The next available agent will be with you shortly. If you close this chat or file a support request, we will follow up with you via email." I've been waiting for nearly two hours and still no response. It doesn't help that my time zone is UTC+11, so there isn't much overlap with US Pacific time business hours.
  6. Thanks Wordsgood and lykoz. I followed the instructions provided when I bought the Productivity Pack, and it created a new account instead of adding to my existing one. I reported this to Evernote a week ago. It is being tracked as Ticket# 925288. I have had no reply from Evernote Support, which is a breach of their SLA for Premium subscribers. When I visit the ticket at agentsupport.evernote.com, it says "This request is awaiting assignment to a support agent". Why is there nobody looking at this yet?
  7. I was excited to purchase the pack. The Evernote code they gave didn't work as advertised. It was supposed to extend my current Premium membership. Instead it created a new account. My messages to Evernote Support have fallen on deaf ears. If it takes any longer I may have to ask for a refund.
  8. I've been using Evernote for 6 months on Ubuntu Linux. It works really well using Crossover, a commercial distribution of WINE. The main problem I've seen is that Evernote 4 and 5 often have my CPU going at 100%. I haven't seen this problem when running on Windows 7, so it's likely a WINE/Crossover problem. I'm thinking of using nice or cpulimit to control the resource utilisation, but I thought I'd ask here first. Hopefully there's a more elegant solution.
  9. I like to have multiple notes open at once, in separate windows. Each time I open Evernote, I need to manually open the notes again. Can we have Evernote remember the notes that are open and then restore them on startup? Kind of like how Firefox remembers the web pages that you have open. This would also make crashes easier to tolerate, because I can get back to where I was very quickly.
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