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  1. If you click All Notes in the Evernote Windows sidebar, it would be helpful if it scrolled the list of notes to the top, instead of leaving it far down the list where the previous search happened to be.
  2. Me too. Editing in a TEXTAREA, typing single quote causes web clipper panel to pop up and take focus from the page. This shouldn't happen when typing in a form, even if quote is the shortcut. There was a problem a while back where it did this in GMail, but they were using a DIV which was editable, but this is a standard TEXTAREA.
  3. I scan documents with the ipad camera a lot. I find it quite awkward with the ipad level and focussed to then press the shutter button without disturbing the position (and focus). How about activating the microphone while doing this, so the photograph can be taken just by saying 'take'. Doesn't need to be sophisticated - anything significantly louder than background noise would do. Also, I'm almost always doing documents. Could there be an option to set that (or any of the other photo types) as the default.
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