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  1. @Reading: you may have a look on Scrivener, which provides a good note structuring mechanism and better editor as well, but dependant on how you want to work you need to see if your workflow is covered. There's a trial version. iOS version of Scrivener is coming soon (at last) which is when I will quit using Evernote
  2. I wanted to paste a picture and some handwritten comments from the pdf - it would've been handy
  3. I use the latest versions. copy & paste seems to be supported from within evernote only. I wanted to paste a snippet from PDF Expert app - for productivity reasons I'd not like to save it as a file and insert it again
  4. to increase productivity, keys should be available to insert a tab (or 5 spaces) and invert them <shift><tab> is missing on Mac as well
  5. I'd like to have a paste option to insert a picture from the clipboard
  6. when switching between notes, I'd love to continue reading from where I've left off
  7. I'd love to have an "insert handwriting" option in addition to inserting pictures - I'd like to review notes and add short comments with a stylus for example like this: 1. tipping on "add attachment", providing a handwriting entry 2. a blank page opens, similar to penultimate 3. after tipping on "done", the image is cropped and inserted as an image at the current position
  8. I'm terribly missing the auto-indentation feature, like hitting <return> in a line that starts with a number of tabs, the new line has the same number of tabs inserted, with the cursor in the right indentation level. <tab>text<cr> <tab>| Since this would be quite easy to implement, I hope it will make into the next update. ------ update please implement it in such way, that when one removes one of the leading tabs on an otherwise empty line, the previous formatting is *reset* e.g. <tab><tab>text<cr> <tab><tab>continued text<cr><del> <tab>another text Thanks!
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