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  1. ok, thank you so much. How can we ensure that it's fixed in the next update? whom to give this feedback to?
  2. Hi, I use the evernote windows desktop client. I can't tag multiple notes in a shared notebook (I have the modify and share permission in that notebook). Individually I can add tags to each note in the shared notebook, but when i select multiple notes, the grey box says, cannot add tags.. What to do?
  3. @Metrodon - i did get a ticket, thanks a ton for such quick response and action.. i strongly hope evernote does increase my upload limit for this cycle.. @FactMan - ok.. yeah man, i noticed after the damage was done.. Hopefully my issue should be resolved asap.. thanks man :-)
  4. @metrodon - thank you so much, do i need to convert it or you already did? if i need to, then how? if you have, then where and how can i follow it up? @FactMan - thank you for sharing your experience.. is there any way other than upgrading to premium to get my 60mb upload back? Did your action of shifting notes do that?
  5. I recently created a new evernote user account to implement GTD and also installed evernote 5 windows desktop client I imported all my old notes into this new account. After the import, evernote advised me to keep all the imported notes in a local notebook because it was more that 60mb and a synchronized notebook would have exhausted my 60mb upload limit. I followed the advice. Today, I synced evernote and got notified that my 60mb limit is about to get over, only 2% remaining! I immediately checked the local notebook and it had now become a synced notebook. This is impossible since a local notebook can never be converted into a synced one as per the information on your website. Now my upload limit is almost full and the entire cycle is still gonna take 25 more days to complete Please solve this issue immediately and give me back my 60mb upload of this cycle. Please. I've attached the log file in which there is a log which says - Creating server notebook "Imported Notes" "Imported notes" was my local notebook where i had imported all my notes. Thanks a ton, eagerly waiting for this to be resolved... AppLog_2013-09-09.txt
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