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  1. Count me in. That would be amazing!! Already love that you can access shortcuts by swiping left. This would complete the system!
  2. how in the name of .... holding control and selecting the tags is a distraction?
  3. Suggestion - If we have next and previous buttons. It works with alt + arrows. Why not bind it to MOUSE4 and MOUSE5 ? usually next and previous buttons for browsers. Suggestion - I can't see reminders in list view. Suggestion - How do you turn off the animations in the scrollbar? It slows me down as I'm used to scrolling the mouse button all the way, I have to way until the button stops, then the animation stops... And it's also buggy if used with a power scroll mouse. If anyone is interested I can make a quick video of it being buggy. (Edit - I made one right now - http://www.screenr.com/ounH) Suggestion - custom shortcut buttons for shortcut items Bug fix - Allow CTRL clicks for tags in sidebar. Bug fix - http://db.tt/SIcK0F5I when I click any - the button on top to allow me to add tags - won't appear. I'm writing everything here because the support guy told me to copy the log which has nothing to do with any of these... Trying to be helpful. Cheers!
  4. There definitely is a problem with the scroller. It shouldn't act like this. Who thought that the animation is a good thing? I literally have to wait for it to settle down until I can use the Notebook and tag selection. How to turn off the animation? It's useless. Oh yeah and if you scroll down and up fast enough you can make it buggy...
  5. http://db.tt/Z39YVA4g This image should cover everything
  6. But there's a win. If you're using the secret weapon you can create saved searches using alt+shift+T then click one the search bar and you can drag the saved search to shortcuts. That's how I'm waiting for the fix.
  7. The new evernote is impossible to use (( I can't select notebook and the click control (CTRL) to select tags like I did in the previous version. I also can't select other notebook and then add tags. THIS FUNCTIONALITY IS EVEN IN THE WEB VERSION ...... http://db.tt/JxaSdF6z and how do you add more than one tag in this version ? I'm sorry, but I'm a little bit p***ed. Functionality is way more important than the desing...
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