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  1. Are you sure? That's not the way it seems to works on my Android client. From what I can see there is only one Search function within Evernote on Android. It always searches ALL notes, not just the one you are viewing. (and even does this when using the magnifying glass in the icon menu when viewing a single note). Hitting search brings up a list of all notes matching that criteria. However, it still works okay for me, as the search term is highlighted in yellow when I open any of the notes. I think what the OP is asking for, is to be able to search in one note only -- the one that is being viewed. Personally I can't see an easy way of doing this. But there maybe a search term or option that allows this to happen?
  2. Please reconsider the process to print a note. One of the problems with the lack of a print button, is when you hit the icon 'Open note in a new window'. In doing this: - Hitting the menu option in Chrome (top right) hides the note that you have just opened. - Right-clicking in the note to access the context menu tends to highlight a word which then means only that word is printed. You can get around it by right-clicking the Evernote bar at the top of the screen. But this requires you to know there is a solution and go looking for it.
  3. This is ridiculous. I just spent 20minutes trying to work out how to print a note from web, or even find advice on how to print. A substantial barrier, was that I was not accessing the note from the snippet or list view, but have my to-do lists shown in the reminder section. In this instance the right click does not bring up Evernote options, and hence no print option can be seen. Quite frankly it should just have a print button on the edit note view.
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