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  1. Shoulda searched first. There's a topic HERE.
  2. Received this message a few days ago. For some odd reason, when Evernote checks for an update, it things there is an update available. However, the update is for 5.2.1 whereas I'm running Anyone else having this issue?
  3. Yes, F6 works. I think I know what's causing this now. I have a Shortcut that has "any:". This basically replaces the all notes shortcut that I used to have prior to v5. Anyway, when I select the All Notes shortcut and then enter the tag+keyword, that's when it inserts any:. Keep in mind, any: doesn't appear in my search bar so I think this is still a bug.
  4. Now why does it keep defaulting to any:?? Can I change this behavior?
  5. Thanks for that! It was adding any: to my query instead of all:
  6. When I use the search bar to perform a search using tag + keyword, it searches using keyword only. For example, I have several articles tagged as gmail. So if I want to search for articles tagged as gmail with a calendar keyword, Evernote will display everything with the keyword. "tag:gmail calendar" Perhaps my syntax is wrong?
  7. Sorry, just to clarify, I mean List View that is more similar to Mac where the list displays on the left panel instead of above the note contents.
  8. I have Evernote running on a Mac and I prefer the List View. However, this doesn't seem to be available in Windows. Any plans to add this view option?
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