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  1. It looks like the latest 5.1.x.x beta release now has Skitch built directly into Evernote itself (at least on the Windows platform). It's the Skitch functionality that's a tadge flaky. I've rolled back to the 5.0.x.x release for the time being which has stopped the annoying pop-ups when taking screen captures. Whether they are going to have a standalone Skitch from the 5.1.x.x release onwards, I'm not sure... Chris
  2. Is there a config option hidden somewhere that will prevent the "markup" panel from popping each and every time I take a screen capture? One use of Evernote that I use it for is generating screen shots of websites/software when producing user guides / manuals etc. It's a quick method of taking a number of screen shots which I can then either manipulate in an external graphics editor, or simply copy/paste into my user guides/manuals etc etc. After a recent update, each time I perform a screen capture, I now have this "markup" panel loading. There doesn't appear to be an option to change this under "Clipping Preferences". Another slightly weird behaviour is that selecting "Open Clipped note in a new window" doesn't actually open up a new window with the clipped note in it. Also, "Show clipped notifications" doesn't have any effect as a notification is shown regardless of this setting. Am not entirely sure what the "Do not show the "New Clip" dialog option should do either, as setting/clearing that option doesn't appear to have any effect. And one final funny with the "Markup" tool, when viewing images from within Evernote client, if I click "Markup" on any image I have created with the "screen clipper", all is fine. The markup panel is opened with the image displayed and I can make any markup changes to the image. Likewise, if I create a new "Markup Note", the screen clipper is then displayed, I take my clip and the markup panel shows my clipped image and allows me to mark it up. If however, I open up an image that was created using for example, the Chrome "Evernote Web Clipper" --> "Clip Image", when the markup panel is opened, there is no image displayed (just a blank markup panel). If you select "Evernote Web Clipper" --> "Clip Screenshot", then a complete image of the screen is saved which you can annotate/markup fine. This is what I see when I open up an image that was created by Chrome "Evernote Web Clipper" --> "Clip Image" And if I click the resize canvas, you get this slightly weird behaviour. In this instance, it's as if the markup tool doesn't know the note is of type "image".
  3. Love the new interface. Been a user since early 2009 and have never had any complaints with EN. Great to see the product evolving, love the new freshen up. Have never felt the need to join the forums and post, but I had to today to just say great work on V5 and to keep up the great work. All the best, Chris
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