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  1. Thanks enki, supported wanted me to reproduce the problem and then send them a log in case 144068, but before I had a chance to do that (my original report had a log attached from just after reproducing the issue anyway), I also uninstalled Evernote and reinstalled it on my phone. This does appear to have fixed the issue as I can Edit in Skitch while a photo is selected and then Save to Evernote and it replaces the original now! Thanks for posting the update/fix!
  2. I submitted a support ticket from iOS app just now after recreating the issue to confirm.
  3. Hey, thanks! I always use List view so when I upgraded, I thought they just left Reminders out until later except when viewing individual notes! With 3000+ notes, non-list views aren't terribly useful...
  4. I'm just editing one image from a note, not an entire note, but it doesn't appear to have saved anywhere in Skitch or in Evernote anything that I changed. I'm not sure what Skitch/Evernote integration settings you're referring to, but normally stuff I start in Skitch sync's to my Evernote account.
  5. I took several photos within a new Evernote note on iOS (iPhone 5) yesterday. When I selected one image and opened it with Skitch, cropped it and added some text, then tried to save back to Evernote, the original photo was never changed in Evernote (no errors, and it sent me back to the Evernote app, but the photo was unchanged) and it didn't seem to appear anywhere else. All changes just gone. I tried this several times with the same photo, same results. I left it alone and was able to do the same thing from Windows using Evernote 5 and the newest Skitch just fine, but the iOS version was unsuccessful.
  6. Interesting update, not hating it and it's nice to have an interface more similar to Mac, but I agree that there's not enough contrast throughout much of the app. I'd like to see shortcuts as a drop-down at the top and not just in the left bar, because it's not always visible without scrollign now. Also, I found one bug so far (in in that when I click on Atlas, it shows an "All Notes" panel and then says "Connect to the Internet to view Atlas." Except I'm writing this post on the same computer at this very moment, so...yeah, kind of a fail there. Try again :-) And this is after connecting to the Internet in multiple locations from my laptop across two days, not just an initial install thing. Clicking the panel or the error makes them "jump" but doesn't appear to actually _do_ anything...
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