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  1. Exactly the sort of solution I was looking for. Thank you very much!
  2. tl;dr--I want unique default notebooks for Toolbar Clipper, Web Clipper, and General Evernote. Is this possible?
  3. Hello, First post, hope this is in the right place. Searched around and couldn't find a resolution on the forum. I have been using Premium for awhile now (and love it). I use the Evernote Clipper (is it called helper?) in the menubar in mac OS X to screen-capture images in some of my pdf textbooks for use in working documents, specifically MS word. What I do is take notes in word, screen-capture an image in Evernote, and copy image into the document. When I'm finished with the document, I flatten it into a pdf and upload it into Evernote to be categorized and searchable, etc. So the original image is not important, only the end product which includes the image. The issue I'm having is that every time I clip, the image gets sent to my inbox. I want to send all of the images I clip to a local notebook, so that I can save storage space. I know you can change the default notebook to upload to... but I only want images specifically captured with the toolbar clipper to go to a local notebook. I like everything else to go straight to the inbox. I also use the web clipper for a variety of things, but I want its default notebook to remain as it is. I guess my question is two-fold: first, is there a way to set the toolbar clipper to send notes to a local notebook, while keeping the default notebook as is? Second, if that is not possible, can I quickly move added images into a local notebook after clipping them without eating away my allotted storage? For example, could I clip an image to the inbox, but then quickly move it to a local notebook before the note syncs and counts against me? I could probably just use screen capture on the mac, but that defeats the purpose of Evernote, right? Hope that is understandable... Thanks so much if anyone has tips or input!
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