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  1. The new flat GUI, emphasizing large areas of gray, makes me want to keep the application window as small as possible: otherwise--when it is maximized-- the application transforms my screen into a depressing palate, an amateurish gray poster. Instead of using graphic elements to mark and weight the different views (left panel, note list, note panel), all views are given exactly the same (for me depressing) gray. With extended use, I'm finding that my eyes need relief from the unrelenting fields of gray. Here's a question for your UI design people. Isn't a prime responsibility of the GUI this: that it uses color and position to mark the importance and meaning of the different application views? If so, can they really say that this GUI is meeting its responsibilities? Many of us have a monitor which can display a variety of colors in order to help the eye find GUI elements! The insistence on a monochrome seems to privilege a notion of cool over practical usability and warmth, IMO.
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