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  1. We use spaces for clients. Having template notebooks in a space would be nice so when a new client notebook is created, the same notes from the template get created automatically inside.
  2. Have there been any updates? This thread is over a year old, yet we still don't have the ability to change Business Notebook names? Any timeline on this EN?
  3. They don't have an old name. You (the administrator) have a new name. If the administrator doesn't change the notebook name, then there are no problems, right? Personally, I think Evernote ought to give administrators the option to have global control over this kind of thing, but I don't think the current implementation is weird. I think their should be a master admin role designation, higher than the admin. In our small corp we have everyone as admin. It would allow only I, the one who implements and does everything with Evernote, sole access to the admin console. From their, click manag
  4. Please update this Evernote! I am a business user and notice the fault in this. For instance, what if the client becomes a former client? We need the ability to change the name of a notebook across the board as an admin. Bump!
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