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  1. Let me just take a moment to give you a bit of background to what I'm trying to do. Both my parents are alive but elderly. My Mom is in a nursing home. I moved back to the family home to care for my Dad. I am also attempting to run a small business for myself. So I'm managing information & paperwork for my Mom, my Dad, my business, & myself. Believe me when I tell you, it's a LOT of stuff!! ??? Tax time seems an excellent time to hoe out the files and organize what is left. So I've started a personal project to do just that. I am trying to coordinate my electronic (Evernote & email) & paper files. I've been eliminating as many paper files as I can, but there will still be a few things I need to keep in hard copy. As much as possible, I'd like them to have the same titles. I want a complete file/tag list to have on my desk, so I do not create duplicate or unnecessary files or tags & so I can see fairly quickly where I want to put something. I also use the email to Evernote feature a lot. So I want the list of notebooks & tags so I know what to use with the @ & # symbols in the email subject lines to get them to go where I want them. Finally, I'm trying to implement David Allen's Getting Things Done methodology into my life & a proper streamlined filing system that coordinates all electronic & paper files seems like it would be a huge help. So that's why I want these lists. Have a great day!!
  2. Boa noite!

    Sou do Brasil, usuário Premium, a mais de um Ano, cada dia mais utilizo Evernote em minhas atividades diárias.

  3. The quotes were what was missing! Thanks! Have a great weekend Jeff!
  4. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Really appreciate it. So. I got the command shell. No problem there. Typed Enscript.exe at the prompt. Received an error message stating "Enscript.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file." The command line you suggested above is, in fact, the correct location of my Evernote ENScript.exe file. However, there are variations. When I bring the file up in Windows File Explorer (WFE), it comes up as follows: This PC˃ Windows (C:)˃Program Files (X86)˃Evernote˃Evernote˃ENScript.exe I use the arrows to illustrate how it looks in WFE. I understand that you have to use backslashes (\) in the actual command line. When I type the command line the way you have it in your note above, I get the same error message as noted above. Do I need to alter the command line based on how it comes up in WFE? Also, is the command upper/lower case sensitive? Finally, not sure if spaces are needed and where. Again, thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I really do appreciate it. I never expected it would be such a damned nuisance to get a list of my Evernote notebooks. The program itself is great. Hard to believe such a simple function as printing a list of notebooks and tags is lacking. If your next reply doesn't work for me, I think I'll just try to scroll and screen shot it and be done!
  5. I'm running Evernote 6.1 on a laptop with Windows 8.1 as my OS. I know NOTHING about DOS or using the command line. I found the EnScript.exe file, but when I try to open it, I just see a DOS command window flash by. It doesn't stay open for me to type a command. I know how to find the command prompt but that's about it. Is there no other way for me to print a list of my notebooks and tags? I'm amazed that Evernote does not supply this very simple item.
  6. To give you some background, I am a middle aged woman and the only child of my senior citizen parents. My Mom is 93 and currently residing in a nursing home. My Dad is 86 and is still residing in the family home by himself. He still drives and goes to visit my Mom often. I am basically their personal administrative assistant. I think that a lot of things that parents must take care of for their children, children eventually wind up taking care for their aged parents. What I've found is that it is absolutely AMAZING how much paperwork two little old people can generate. Evernote has been a godsend for keeping track of this stuff. Here are a few things I have in Evernote for my parents: I took pictures of all the bottles for medications my Dad is currently taking. It's very easy to bring this information up in Evernote when we are at a doctor's appointment.I took pictures of everything in my Dad's wallet, including his driver's license, he credit card, a little card that has information about the stents he has in his heart, shoppers card for the grocery store, etc.I either photograph or scan all his appointment cards so I can keep track of when he has doctor's appointments.Medicaid is paying for my Mom's care in the nursing home, so I save all the documentation pertaining to that in Evernote.I have power of attorney for both my parents, so I have those documents scanned into Evernote.I am on my parents' bank accounts so I can pay all their bills. I have all their bank statements saved in Evernote.I have copies of their wills scanned.On and on it goes. My next parent project for Evernote is going to be assembling a funeral notebook. I know, I know . . . we all hate to think of having to plan a funeral for our parents, but most likely we will have to do it sooner or later. I've decided that I want to have all the information assembled in one spot so I don't have to do a mad scramble to find things after one of my parents has died and I'm dealing with my own grief. Now it's your turn. Do any of you have any "Reverse Parenting" ideas that you're using to take care of your aging parents? Karen
  7. Hi Heather, I just tried your link. It said the same thing for me . . . "it's just you . . . Kustomnote is up." I think the cleanup program I ran last night changed my settings somehow, which is what I suspected from the beginning. I think I'm go to try and restore my laptop back to sometime last night before I ran the cleanup and see if that helps. Thanks so much for your reply and the cool link. I think I'll be saving that link to use again as necessary. Have a great Labor Day! Karen
  8. I have been using KustomNote to make templates for repetitive things I do in Evernote. It's been working great until this morning. I tried to get into Kustomnote to create some Evernote notes and I cannot even access the KustomNote webpage at all. Since I can't access even to ask for their help, I've wound up here. Is anybody else using KustomNote? Are you having problems connecting? I seem to be able to do everything else I normally do on the web, so I'm leaning toward the possibility that KustomNote is just down. However, if nobody else is having problems, I'll have to assume it's something to do with my PC. I ran an application last night improve my PC's performance by cleaning up old files, clearing the cache, etc. I'm wondering now if this has affected my ability to access KustomNote. Please respond if you are using KustomNote and think you may know what is going on here. Thanks, Karen
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