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  1. Even though I have set up the shortcut to launch the Web Clipper to ' (I haven't touched it, so I guess it is the default), it actually launches when I press "ñ". I've seen this kind of behaviour before, in other web apps, where the shortcut to show the list of shortcuts is supposed to be "?" but what actually shows them is "Ç". I guess it is some kind of mapping problem, but it is really annoying, because sometimes it triggers the shortcut when I'm typing (I guess it fails to detect I'm in a text box or something...)
  2. Should tell you at the bottom of the application in the status bar. You can enable/disable this: View / Show Status Bar Also, I've found View / Show Search Explanation, shows number of hits plus why they are hits (which notebooks have been searched, which words...)
  3. Funny name in atlas: I've just installed version 5 and I was checking the atlas feature when I've found that my "Getting Started" note has coordinates 43.260895,-2.938797. That's Bilbao, Spain. But the name it shows in the Atlas is "El Bocho", not "Bilbao". "El Bocho" (or Botxo) is certainly used to refer to Bilbao by people from Bilbao and its surroundings, but it is not something that you'll see in maps and the like, or that people from outside Bilbao know. So I think you should check where you are getting the names from... EDIT: I'm using Evernote in Spanish. From what I see in the credits, you seem to be using GeoNames for the names. Well, I don't know how its API works, but in the names of Bilbao, the one marked as preferred in Spanish is "Bilbao", so I think you should use that one
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