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  1. UPDATE: Just realized I posted in wrong forum, this bug its in Windows desktop version (276742) Public. Hi, Ive been using Evernote for some years, and I still dont understand how bad is still web table editing. So sad that I dowbngraded from premium into free just because of the lack of proper table editing support and hoping this single but important feature would catch the eye of management. But as of today, I had to post, since pressing ENTER inside a cell of an existing table move contents outside table and makes cell not editable. Seriously?? Is it time to look for a replacement for my notes maybe ? A sad premium that become freemium and about to loose temper, Emanuel Oliveira
  2. Dear support, Im having problem trying to enable 2step authentication using code generated by my android google authenticator app. In Evernote website i started the 2step enable process > received email with code > used email code OK In next step I received SMS with code which worked also. Finally I scanned QR code with android google authenticator app, but all codes generated by android app when filled in Evernote 2step website page returns message> "Your code doesn't match what we're expecting." FYI> Im using Google Authenticator android app for other things with no problems. Can someone please suggest me what can I do to sort this problem ? I really would like to enable 2step feature. I'm also a Premium evernote user. Here it is the screenshot of the error I got when I put in evernote website the code generated by android google authenticator: Thank you, Zen
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