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  1. Thanks for the feedback. As OT I would like the opportunity to say that if Evernote would make a perfect table edition it would skyrocket completely. I rather have good or at least "tables" edition features then all of those "context", and "share" and "feature X" or "feature z" which makes me thinking that evernote management is trying to reach more an enterprise business and forget the golden rule in IT which is "the winner are the ones that implements *BASIC* features and which are 99% used and loved all the time", anything else is just marketing entrophy that may end up killing a product. @Evernote team: Remember.. keep it simple ..focus in making *basic* things perfect first.. dont jump into a wagon of features that no one really uses or at least majority of us and forget about basic things like a decent table editor. This single feature is enough to kill Evernote shall someone else/a new startup of whatever comes up with this single feature working properly. Im just sharing my concerns, as I used to be a premium user.. but I simply can't understand the everlast problem of decent "table edition". Thank you, Emanuel
  2. Table editing its the most important thing for me, and never worked properly well.. but now I feel compeled to report this bug as Im not able to use Evernote like this. Evernote for windows desktop: version (276742) Public Steps to replicate: inside a table CELL pressing ENTER moves content after cursor out of the cell/table. example 1 - cell with following 3 lines: +--------+ + line 1 + + line 2 [cursor here] + + line 3 + +------+ pressing ENTER key will break cell into: +--------+ + line 1 + +--------+ line 2 <-- moved outside cell/table +--------+ <-- new table created with other lines followed cursor + line 3 + +--------+ Is it just me being lucky with this "feature" ? Any suggestion or feedback I would be thankfully since I use tables as 99% way of organizing information. Thanks, EO
  3. UPDATE: Just realized I posted in wrong forum, this bug its in Windows desktop version (276742) Public. Hi, Ive been using Evernote for some years, and I still dont understand how bad is still web table editing. So sad that I dowbngraded from premium into free just because of the lack of proper table editing support and hoping this single but important feature would catch the eye of management. But as of today, I had to post, since pressing ENTER inside a cell of an existing table move contents outside table and makes cell not editable. Seriously?? Is it time to look for a replacement for my notes maybe ? A sad premium that become freemium and about to loose temper, Emanuel Oliveira
  4. Dear support, Im having problem trying to enable 2step authentication using code generated by my android google authenticator app. In Evernote website i started the 2step enable process > received email with code > used email code OK In next step I received SMS with code which worked also. Finally I scanned QR code with android google authenticator app, but all codes generated by android app when filled in Evernote 2step website page returns message> "Your code doesn't match what we're expecting." FYI> Im using Google Authenticator android app for other things with no problems. Can someone please suggest me what can I do to sort this problem ? I really would like to enable 2step feature. I'm also a Premium evernote user. Here it is the screenshot of the error I got when I put in evernote website the code generated by android google authenticator: Thank you, Zen
  5. Ok. Personally, I would evernote to have only 2 modes: - cache if we configure option Offline for notebooks. - and dont cache anything at all for the notebooks without option Offline. So android app would work as a simple frontend gui to access data. No cached data in phone means much better security, since potentialy other installed android apps can read local evernote cache. Cheers, Zen
  6. Sure. Notes and other information can be cached on the local device, making it quicker to access frequently used information. The rules for amount and duration of caching are unknown to me, though, but it definitely occurs. You can clear it via a "Search and Storage" operation in settings. Would it be possible to configure android evernote in order not to cache anything ? Thanks, Zen
  7. Does anyone knows if Android Evernote app stores anything in Android device if Evernote Notebooks not set to offline ? Thanks, Zen
  8. Hi, You mentioned you using encryption in Android, Ive never used it. Does it means when I connect phone with PC via USB for example, I will not be able to see phone files ? So type of access does encryption prevents ? I'm trying to undertand the details of it. Will correct answers be: - Prevents some other device connected to phone (PC vua USB for example) to access files ? - Adds more security to installed apps as well ? Thanks, Zen
  9. Any encryption can be broken if someone has the time, tools & CPU power. However, Truecrypt with a strong password is sufficient for most of us who do not have billions of dollars at our instant access or never worked for the CIA. I have posted often on this board about TC as well as security. It's not just with the desktop app, it's with the EN servers that a user should educate themselves. Again, I urge you to use the search function. Hi Burgersnfries, TC seems a good solution for windows. And how about Android phones with Evernote app, do you suggest a nice approach to protect local database of evernote in android ? Finally, if server side can be issue/compromized?.. then what kind of setup would allow one to use android app and windows app in a more secure way? Not syncing with Evernote servers.. but then how could android app sync somehow with windows app ? After googling even a bit more, i can see a strong setup would be to: - not sync with Evernote servers, using local Evernote db stored in a TrueCrypt file stored in Dropbox or even a personal USB pendrive. But now problem is how to setup things in my Android phone? Because in the end of the day I would say 95% of my time i find myself using Android app too read/access my notes, being windows Evernote mostly used to create/edit my notes. update: Can you tell me if only interface to data of Android app is connection to Evernote servers? Or does exist other way ? Can you please advise/suggest your ideas given the way I use Evernote ? Thanks and Regards, Zen
  10. Because I just found out that either Windows Evernote local database or Android Evernote local databases are insecure. I just uninstalled Windows Evernote and will be using web version in windows, and would like to do the same in Android.. uninstall Android insecure Evernote and use web access.. that's when I bumped in difficulties with Google Chrome browser in my android phone not able to scrolldown the list of notebooks and some other difficulties. Regards, Zen
  11. Hi all, Is it possible to access Evernote from the web using a browser in an Android device ? I tried to access www.evernote.com via 2 browsers in my Android phone - Chrome and another - but in both I was not able to scroll down the page. Then I googled and found the link: evernote.com/m/‎ But it returns a 404 Error Page not found when I click SignIn. Can you please advise ? Thank you and Kind Regards, Zen
  12. Burgersnfries, 1st) Please don't take me wrong, I'm not kind of person to post without searching before.. 2nd) Your post would be much better if it contained a useful link.. From what I have searched and read before, I learned Evernote lacks a lot of security on its local database, and from one of the suggested programs to encrypt windows folder I googled and found out someone/some software was/is able to crack that windows folder encryption program (TrueCrypt).. so you see even not been an "expert/guru" I did enough research to get me a bit in Limbo to see what is a nice solution in order to continue using Evernote windows desktop application. Until I feel I found, or someone kindly shared how he/she doing with your Evernote installation (ex. what security are you using in your own Evernote windows instalemente for example Burgersnfries coud you share please ?), I'm removing Evernote Windows application and only using web access. Thanks for any useful and direct suggestions, Zen
  13. Hello, I use Evernote desktop application in Windows 7 64 bits and in Android phone. I just found out reading in Evernote Knowledge online help that there's little or no good encryption support on local Evernote databases.. with some people sugesting the use of 3rd partir softwar to enforce encryption. From what I just read I remember 2 main ideas: a) Only use online access and *DONT* install Evernote for Windows. Seems we can encrypt notes by using option "Encrypt Selected Text.." present in menu "Format" of Windows Evernote desktop application, but.. seems its not strong enough, since it seems can be cracked in just couple seconds. I store sensitive data in my Evernote notes, and as such would like to ask Evernote community some questions, receive recomendations in how to maximize the security: 1. What way and/or software/procedures can one use to fully protect Evernote local database in a Windows 8 64bits system ? 2. What way and/or software/procedures can one use to fully protect Evernote local database in an Android mobile phone ? Thanks, Zen
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