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  1. The current display of the Tasks List, when sorted by note, is hard to read because it is cluttered with the grayed-out "Add new task" entries. This both forces a note with no actual tasks to show in the list, and also adds the line for the non-existent task. Can force many more notes than you see when sorted by Due Date. This makes the list hard to scan, so it would be great to remove those, or else make it an option to hide them. Thanks!
  2. Another couple of problems with Evernote for Mac under Sierra public release: Using the photo capture feature in Evernote iPhone with Evernote Moleskine notebooks, documents captured this way are showing two problems when I open them in Evernote for Mac: 1) pictures are distorting horizontally according to document window width; 2) checking the "alarm" box on the Evernote Moleskine page is not causing Evernote to set a reminder. Note the distortion problem is NOT unique to the Moleskine books as it also happens with other, plain-paper documents. Distortion is absent in Evernote on Web, iPhone and iPad (iOS 10). Reminder does not set no matter what platform I open the note in. Evernote Version 6.9 (454042 App Store). Up to date on iPhone as well. Anyone else seen this, or know of a fix? Thanks!
  3. A little progress! Pasting bullet lists and numbered lists Evernote to Apple Mail, and Apple Mail to Evernote now works correctly! In either direction, formatting remains correct, and the new program recognizes the list as a list. Thanks. Evernote to Word, and Word to Evernote, however, is still broken. @jackolicious: Can you give us a timeline on fixing it with Word?
  4. Amazing how long it's taking to fix this. I just went through 10 emails with Tech Support just to get them to stop telling me to update my software (it's up-to-date) and discover that this really IS a problem and refer it to tech support (apparently the first person responding to my query for half a dozen emails was Customer Service), who then verified that it IS a problem and referred it to the product team who will think about when they can implement a fix. Really? My continuing problem is with cut-and-paste of bullet lists between EN and Word, and EN and Apple Mail. Doesn't work with the Mac client OR the iOS client. Just learned that pasting from MS Word to EN web client works better: does recognize that it's a bullet list, still inserts extra spaces between bullet and text. Other software manages this, folks!! It ain't rocket surgery! From a (for now) Premium user: PLEASE?????
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