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  1. Bug: Flashing notes list when note saves or syncs (Version 7.0.2 (456267 App Store)) I have Evernote set up to view in Snippet view mode. The notes list flashes and flickers every time the note I'm working on in the note pane view saves or Evernote syncs. This happens regardless of whether I'm working in the main Evernote window or the note is open in separate window. Evernote flashing note list bug.mov
  2. Bug: Evernote jumping shortcuts links (Version 7.0.2 (456267 App Store)) Random behaviour when clicking on shortcut links in the sidebar. Clicking a link jumps the highlight to the All Notes link until it's clicked a second time. Evernote Jumping shortcuts links bug.mov
  3. It doesn't exist in the Mac version - I'm using the Mac App Store version here - at the moment. It does, however, exist in the web version.
  4. To be clear on this, a hard reset is not simply turning the device on and off. To perform a hard reset, follow the instructions here. Personally, I always ensure all apps are closed before performing a hard reset. Thus far, Evernote has been behaving for me since performing a hard reset. In my book, that still makes this a pretty serious bug though.
  5. Great, thanks for that. I'll give it a go and see what happens. It would, however, still be a bug if a hard reset of a device is required to fix an issue with an app since hard resetting is the equivalent of pulling the plug out of your computer.
  6. Has anyone from Evernote even acknowledged the reported issues in this iOS release? It's been a week now of a premium service we're unable to use. This release on an iPhone 5 is completely broken for me and many others here it would seem. Can we get an update please?
  7. Excellent news, well done. Will it turn up in the beta stream?
  8. Great, thanks, Have also responded to email about OS.
  9. FYI: with the Evernote helper running, my console log is filled with these: 03/09/2013 00:42:33.334 EvernoteHelper[10777]: *** -[__NSPlaceholderDictionary initWithObjects:forKeys:count:]: attempt to insert nil object from objects[0]No such messages when it's not running. Happy to provide console logs if someone is going to look into this. I'm on 5.3.0 b3 at the moment, but the behaviour is the same as in previous versions.
  10. No, not possible. I can type in the note area, but even that stops working after a while. Not any particular period of time either. None of the other stuff works in that window either.
  11. Let's hope that this topic bump brings it back to someone's attention, then. There's no way I'm re-installing my OS. Certainly not for one software application and in particular because there's no guarantee of a fix. Oddly, my work iMac doesn't have the issue. Given the two states of the helper menu I've outlined above, they should be able to track it down.
  12. It most definitely is an Evernote bug. For me, this is what happens: If I'm logged out of my account, the Evernote menu bar helper works fine. It also looks completely different to what you see when you're logged in. Soon as I'm logged it, it's completely broken and unresponsive. Logged out Evernote helper menu bar item Logged in Evernote helper menu bar item
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