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  1. Hi there folks, Is it possible to highlight a part of the text in an annotated PDF file (premium version), and then copy and paste that part somewhere else? I think the annotation tools are great, it would be really useful to have a copy and paste function too.... Thanks
  2. Hi folks; I use Firefox as my browser, but Evernote seems to insist on Explorer, and refuses to sync. Can I tweak the sync to Firefox?
  3. Hi there folks, I am suddenly experiencing a problem with sending a mail to the evernote folder destination. The mail does arrive at the "all notes" section in Evernote, but even though I am doing exactly what I need to do (@notebook etc. as instructed in the knowledge base), I cannot get it to the destination folder of my choice This is such a cool feature and I really want to use it. Thanks Dan
  4. Thanks folks for your input as I eagerly await the reminder feature for the windows client. More questions to follow, i imagine Dan
  5. Hi all, Probably a simple question: I have just started to use evernote and understand that their is their are the web and desktop/windows format. I can only find the reminder button functionality on the web evernote? Am I missing something on the desktop version? Also, if I choose to work only on the web evernote, will my information, notebooks and so on synch to my desktop version? I have seen that the other way around is possible, however, I like the look of the web version, especially since it has the reminder function which is awesome. Thanks for your input folks
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