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  1. Thanks for replying Brian (& Mr. Monkey). B-ri - yeah, I still don't see it. So sorry. But I love EN! If I set up all users with company-owned email addresses, I still own the data. If they leave, I simply change their password. Second, the company specific email address is probably a third or fourth tier benefit to us. Listen, I love Evernote, and I love the integration of technology in a typically blue-collar business such as ours. Which means I'm not hesitant to invest in it. But no matter how I look at this tool, the investment is just not worth it. Also, in looking at the forums, there are a number of other users that agree. I would strongly suggest Evernote consider alternate pricing models to make this service more attractive to a broader audience. Just my two cents. All that said, we will press forward with Premium and I will continue to be a developing (& learning) EN loyalist
  2. Hello. I own a fire and water damage restoration company and am looking at using Evernote for project management. I've used BaseCamp ($50/month) in the past but it just got too heavy for us and the team just couldn't keep up with it. I see EN as a good alternative in its simplicity. Here's my question though. I have a premium account now ($50/year). EN business would cost us about $840/year for the users I'm looking at adding. Premium would cost us $350/year. Our usage: > Manage restoration projects (i.e. share customer Notebooks with task-specific folders stacked) > Assign day-to-day job related tasks such as vehicle maintenance, billing, budgeting, etc to departments by Notebooks. > Create a shared policy notebook for company policies broken out by department, HR, etc. Would appreciate some thoughts on the value of EN Business over what Premium has to offer. While beneficial, honestly, I don't see that ENB adds enough value to justify $500 more per year. With Premium, you still get stacks, folder sharing & tags. The only thing I'd be missing is tag management and the library. Am I maybe overlooking some benefits?
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