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  1. Thanks for the update, it works great! Hello, we will be changing this flow in an upcoming release. Sorry for the inconvenience! Please look out for our announcement when it releases. - Nancy
  2. I really like the web version better than the desktop client (Mac or Windows) because it's super fast and lean. I love how big the font is when you search. Being able to slide the list view out of the way to write notes is fantastic. I just have one favor to ask. I send all my new notes to an Inbox notebook to be sorted when I get to Evernote. But sorting is not the easiest in the Web version, because as soon as I change the notebook on a given note, I am somehow moved into that notebook and have to go back to the Inbox notebook to continue my sorting. That's a lot of work as I generate a bunch of notes per week. Can the folder you're in stay stable even if you move the currently selected note to another notebook? I don't want to be bounced around. Thanks! --Evernote Premium user since 2011
  3. I am also very distracted by the constant context popup. It shouldn't appear nearly as often. The writing environment on the Windows version of Evernote is not easy on the eyes as it is. I love the UI of Evernote Web, by contrast. That context popup is making me seriously consider uninstalling Evernote and only using Evernote Web. The only downside I can see if that I can't paste photos into notes using the web version. I am a Pro user and have Evernote on my Windows laptop, my Macbook, I use Evernote Web, and I also have the iPhone, iPad, and Android apps.
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