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  1. Thanks for stating the obvious jefto and another rationalization (or maybe some expectation management)... regardless, we're looking for solutions and/or to get Evernote programmers moving. Lots of love if you have a solution or workaround users can actually use or can help increase pressure for Evernote to improve things.
  2. Wholeheartedly agree that formatting improvements are an important issue and are needed with some priority. It is a basic function yes, but an important function that is heavily used. I am a daily user of Evernote for to do's, lists, info sharing, etc... so although maybe not a power user as some others... I am a regular user and I can bet thousands of other regular users out there like me want and need better formatting. I'm wrestling with the damn line spacing issue as I write this. The fact that I can't simply fix the spacing between lines on a simple list (creating double spacing for s
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