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  1. Just upgraded to the Evernote v5 for my mac, got down to studying. thought everything was going well then realized that evernote didnt save anything I had been working on tonight. I NEVER had this issue with v3 (which I ran until tonight). I'm afraid I'm done with Evernote for now. I've encouraged so many fellow students at law school to use evernote. Now, I'm going to make sure I get them the eff away from it. HORRIBLE UPGRADE. When you have a great product, don't ***** it up before you get the bugs out of your new version.
  2. I am a law student. I have always recommened Evernote to my classmates and friends. I upgraded to 5.2 tonight and have been having the same exact issues as others here. I just lost all my notes on the reading I've been doing for the last hours. YOU JUST LOST A CUSTOMER EVERNOTE. IN ADDITION I WILL MAKE SURE TO WARN ALL MY CLASSMATES TO SWITCH TO OTHER PLATFORMS! This is simply ridiculous. I had been running an old version for years and everything was fine. Then I upgrade and everything is screwed. Get your act together, Evernote.
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