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  1. I have a note that I want to delete but every time I try to "Move Note to trash" it Evernote tells me "This note cannot be synced..." and it does not delete it. How do I delete a Note! Evernote has become almost completely unusable for reasons such as this.
  2. I entered a word on December 18th ,2015 into Evernote that was not previously in it's User Dictionary. It underlined it in red and I right clicked on it and selected "Add to Dictionary". Today, 18 months later I entered that same word and Evernote has flagged it once again as a word it does not recognize as being in the User Dictionary. When I entered it the first time I seemed to be encountering that very same issue; that I would enter words into the User Dictionary and yet Evernote would flag that very same word as not being in the dictionary. Hence the reason why I started a note that contained nothing but words that I had added. I included a date next to each word (I know, I have too much time on my hands), but I couldn't factually point to any single word that Evernote had done this with, until I had created a list like this. Today I have that factual proof. Can anyone explain this? Is there something I am missing or is Evernote really becoming more and more each day unreliable and inconsistent as too many other apps out there on the market? I'm astounded that software which would appear to me to be almost the epitome of consistency, (it's either yes or no) is so inconsistent these days.
  3. I'm having the exact same issue. Checked for updates but I have the latest version. Windows 10.
  4. This thread was started 2.5 YEARS ago and still complete and utter apathy from Evernote! "We kicked off a company-wide effort to improve quality a couple of months ago." - Evernote CEO, Jan 4th, 2014 in an article titled "On Software Quality and Building a Better Evernote in 2014". Either he doesn't know what is going on at his own company or he has been deceiving us all.
  5. JMichael, Please don't make excuses for bad support. Clearly you have succombed to no resolution as being an acceptable answer. Anyone can come on here and post that they will reopen a case, but the history is not good on this one. He didn't say he would "dig into the issue further". He said he would "reopen" and that is lowest possible denominator of an answer. Actions speak louder than words and I don't see a single suggestion in his post as to how it can be fixed. No mention of a request for further information to help him get to the source of the problem or for that matter any serious inference that he would follow through. Those are the facts.
  6. Let me understand this. You've known about this problem for "YEARS"!!!!! You in your ivory tower have been unable to reproduce and that of course means it's not a problem hence the reason you have Closed out all those tickets without a resolution? Is that what I'm hearing? After 10 days from the previous post the best you can do is acknowledge an issue and claim it is "edge case bug for our Windows 7 client". Seems like you feel you have done enough to close out this issue and go about your business whatever that is, and to hell with the people who still have the issue. Well thanks for your concern. Not sure why I feel like I've been abused with a red hot poker. This is the attitude we have come to expect from Evernote.
  7. 10 months since a Support Request was raised on this "Known Problem" and nothing done to fix it?!?!?! Shocking, or should I say par for the recent course of events. I too have this problem. Tried the Ctrl up/down arrow and that works better; only 2.5 lines instead of 11.5! My mouse works fine in all other applications. It's just Evernote! Between the "Not Responding" issue and usability issues like this Evernote has taken a once bright spot to a stain in about a year.
  8. This thread has been open since December 2012 and there has been no follow through from anyone at Evernote on how to fix this. It's an issue for everyone on this thread and when I Google "Evernote Not Responding" I get more than 92,000 results. When I see comments that say "My life is in Evernote. I used to recommend it but now I don't", "It has become almost unusable". It tells me that the Evernote people have lost their way. Either this is an issue that can and has been fixed and Evernote doesn't care to distribute that information to people on their own Forums, or it is not yet fixed and 17 month after this thread was started they don't see this as something that is impacting customer satisfaction. Either way the undertone is a bad one for a company that was once a shining star of innovation. Indifference is bad for customer satisfaction.
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