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  1. Yes, @PinkElephant is correct - it's no longer relevant to me (the OP on this thread). I embedded it in a number of ways - none of which ever pleased me. I did this up until our school adopted a new LMS which made it all easier. Thus, I no longer have to maintain a website for student materials. Even the remnants of that original site are long gone. I'm not even a classroom teacher anymore. So, yes, much moves from 2013 to 2019. It is fun to see that the link to the note still works. It's buried deep into some archive somewhere at this point. Not to mention, I'm considering leaving Everno
  2. Not really, no. I put it in there as an iFrame. Not terribly elegant. I'm re-thinking the whole thing anyway. I never published the website. I'll still doing the Evernote Notebooks, however. I just post them on our school district supplied Edline page and also tweet them out.
  3. I have been doing basic, student-facing lesson plans on Evernote the last year or so. I'm building a class website with Adobe Muse. I want to take the content I've written in Evernote and embed it into my website. That way, when I change content on Evernote, it's right there in the class website. Here's an example of a project unit: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s41/sh/6770e417-b9f1-4b16-bcf4-c813af51a63a/d69c42a5ec5211295951b02e9f8a0738 You can see it has daily plans, links to handouts and videos, and ultimately dues dates for the unit. I want to take that content and have it on my web
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