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  1. Thank You! I will do that. I did join for 1 month and I am still unable to recover the note. Since the note was not "deleted", it is still there, just the encrypted portion is gone.
  2. Thank You. I feel very frustrated that I have to pay for a feature because of a flawed feature in the application to begin with. Shouldn't there be another way?
  3. Hi All! I accidentally typed apple key + Z (ctrl + Z) while typing something because it is my "undo" in my most applications. After doing so all of the contents of my encrypted portion of my note was gone. There is no longer a passcode to tap to get into it. I really need to retrieve it. There was a lot of important information encrypted. It seems like a bit of a design/key flaw to have that happen so easily on accident. Thank You! Nicolle
  4. I am on a mac, but I have trouble when I try it online as well. I use the free version.
  5. Has anyone found a way around the fact that you can't edit text inside an encryption? I have encrypted account information in a note that I'd like to space out and bold the titles to and it's super frustrating that all I can add are spaces because it's super wonky when on a phone.
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