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  1. This is good to know, glad I came across this post... I thought I was just loosing my mind :-)
  2. Try the Jump to Tags feature. Shift+Alt+T It will only show tags within a notebook This does not work for Business Notebooks, shared or unshared... Seems like a bug, we'll look into it To me the question still remains...is having to use Shift-Alt-T instead of being able to select multiple from the left panel using my mouse a bug or a new feature? ...yea I know, I am a bug not a feature...sorry :-)
  3. Yes that is interesting...so I went back and checked my tablet and it works fine there, yet it's the same version of evernote and android...could be that it never did work on my phone and I am getting my experiences mixed up but either way would also say bug... :-)
  4. I am just getting back to using evernote on my Android phone and with the recent install I am no longer able to filter by multiple tags, it was like stacking them up to get to a subset of notes...is this no longer a feature planned for the android?
  5. Try using jump to tags! Shift+Alt+T Thanks for this! my thanks as well...question, is this something we can consider a temporary work around or is the ability to filter by multiple tags in the left pane a thing of the past?
  6. with this V5 beta 3 I have also noticed that I can no longer select multiple tags to filter down to a subset of notes by using Ctrl + mouse click on second tag, third tag, etc within a selected notebook...or even select tags within a selected notebook, seems to always revert back to "All Notes" when you click on a tag ..I have actually noticed a similar type of thing with the latest android version but that is a different post I am sure :-) ...or, could be that I am new and am missing some setup thing that the new download flagged different...
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