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  1. Thanks guys. Just signed up for Business so I will give it a go and see what happens. I will post back if it is a success or failure. BigJoe
  2. Hi, I've been using EN for since 2010 but from a work point of view I am wondering if it could help solve a problem. We receive about 40,000 PDF invoices each year from our suppliers by email and these are currently stored in Public Folders on our Exchange Server but we now want to make these searchable (i.e. data inside). We've tried SharePoint Foundation 2010 but we just can't get it to index PDF's. Would moving these to EN be feasible idea ? As I just love the way EN search works, we would be able to find information inside these invoices so easily and we could make some good work-flows based on incoming email to EN with tags etc.. Most of our suppliers email batches of invoices in one email so we wouldn't end up with 40,000 notes per year, probably around 10,000 notes per year with most containing multiple PDF's. I am not sure this is what EN is designed for and maybe I should continue my quest and have a look at Google Drive. Thanks BigJoe
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