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  1. Hi. I'm an evernote normal user (not premium) on Android and Windows. I've been sharing a notebook with a friend (it's her notebook and she invited me) for the past 3 months. In these 3 months my friend removes some tags and adds some others. When I load my evernote for windows a list of "deleted tags" keeps appearing in my right panel, I’ve tried to delete these tags but didn’t work. If I use the web version there’s no problem. It’s only on the Windows version. Please I would appreciate your help. Thanks.
  2. I' have a similar problem. In my case I create a new note on my Android phone (Nexus4) and when I choose the check boxes it only appear in the first line. When I click "enter" I write perfectly on the second line but the check box is missing. This is happening since the last update (Aug 21, 2013) v5.2.3
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