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  1. On 7/26/2021 at 6:34 AM, t8769 said:

    I was able to get a link to a copy of the legacy android app from EN tech support.
    It is from Play Store, so I assume it is safe, they say it is.

    It works beautifully.

    Quick, simple, easy to use and stable

    I am free, at last, of that dreaded update.




    Please share the Play Store link. I'd very much prefer to use an official version of the legacy app if it's available.

  2. It's been basically a year. How is this still an issue? I'm so sick of having to add unwanted spaces when I'm writing dividers (******) between scenes in stories because Evernote decides I need a horizontal rule or having to type an empty space in front of a line and backtrack to put 1), 2), etc. when I want a list which isn't indented. Pressing undo usually doesn't work - and even when it does, retyping the content caused auto formatting to happen all over again. Surely it can't take that much effort to enable a toggle to turn this nonsense off!

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