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  1. Du-Oh !!! THANK YOU ! I'm an Evernote Novice and I am not really sure how to integrate it into my life. Including the best way to keep my Mac and my iPad always Synced and up to date with each other.
  2. UNGENT! I accidentally clicked on the Trash Can Icon on a Note page and now the Note is gone. Is there any way to Undo or retrieve the Trashed Note?
  3. None of the above works for me. I'm running Evernote 6.8, the latest version for my Mac 10.9.5. Evernote 6.8 hasn't the same Preference features as Evernote 6.9 nor is Evernote in the Login Items list. Any more ideas? I'm not ready to update my OS yet, have to upgrade my RAM first.
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