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  1. Hello, There are many software's that are available on free for reducing picture sizes. One very commonly that I use is shrinkpictures.com you can also try it by yourself. Also, if you need some one professional to do such kind of job then contact Isabella, I have found her profile on website while looking for some professional for photo restoration process. I have a pic of my Father and it is almost 34 years old image, it is too much blur even can't see it clearly. So, I have contacted her nd she is really good.
  2. Hello, A lot of mac users seems to have the same issue with the web clipper. I suggest you to log in the chrome and the Google web store with the same account it worked for me. You are not able to re install it again because you are signed out of the chrome so please check that you have logged in with the same account on chrome and and the Google store.
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