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  1. I believe the issue is the multiple device installation of Livescribe+. I had the same issue using my iPhone and iPad. I remove the software from the iPad and only use my iPhone. The issue never re-appeared.
  2. I use Livescribe 3 and Evernote. On my iPhone, the OCR text now appears at the top of the note, covering the top of the Livescribe note. Since my handwriting is less than perfect and I use many abbreviations and technical references, the Evernote OCR on my Livescribe notes isn't meaningful. Please display them below the Livescribe image (as they are in the Windows desktop). The placement of the OCR is a real problem.
  3. I have it running on a Windows 10 also and find the Sync very responsive over previous years.
  4. Re: Sidebar "colors" being added. Since when are "Black/White" colors? Now I learn that the television of my youth (50's-60's) was "Color" all the time! Really? Give us a few more choices.
  5. " FYI, same thing will happen if you edit a PDF and save it to your import folder. The next time you start EN you'll get another copy. EN won't delete it if you have it open. FWIW. " I'm noticing the same issue with EN not deleting the Import Folder files, then doing a second Import. I agree it may be because the file is open. This seems to be a more recent issue for I have used EN for years and have used the "Save As" on an open PDF to send it to the Import Folder without a problem until recently. Perhaps EN has become too responsive and need to put a slight delay (a few seconds) in the delete process to allow time to close the file (or just not Import the file if it is open).
  6. Agreed, Particularly this text, right here!
  7. Soory - Please ignore the post above - I was thinking of Scanable, it has the issue, not SnapEntry. SnapEntry is a fine program.
  8. SnapEntry needs to add editing features. If I scan a membership card in order to get it into EN, SnapEntry reads it as a business card and interprets membership ID's and such as Phone Numbers. There is no way to change the "Phone Number" heading.
  9. razeus: Everything you say is correct. I can suggest how I work around the Excel issue. I use the "Share>Email>Send as PDF" function which creates a "pdf" of the Worksheet. While it can not be edited as a spreadsheet, at least for me that is a good thing since if I share it I do not have to worry about others changing it. It also results in a smaller file in Evernote plus looks good on my mobile devices.
  10. I have the Sky pen and found this works: Archive the old "Notebook 1", activate the new "Notebook 1"using the Sky pen, Sync, then open Evernote and change the new "Notebook 1" name to "Notebook 1A" then begin using the Notebook. It has worked for me for the 175ish pages I have in Evernote for this Notebook.
  11. Sorry, I wasn't completely clear; I'm using EN in Windows.
  12. I use the "Copy Note Link" under my GTD - like system and use the "Copy Link Note" on many notes. It would be helpful to have a keyboard shortcut for the "Copy Note Link" and avoid the right-click then scroll down menu process.
  13. Yes, the "Options" were changed to not print the title. I am happy to inform all that have been following this thread for years that the printing issue of underlines has been corrected! Thank you Evernote.
  14. I just printed a Note from the Windows Desktop (Ver and the lines are finally gone and the Note looks much better - Except: The Title is not printing!
  15. If the sheer volume of postings helps to move Development, then I'll be glad to add my voice to the frustration. I just printed a note that is a "masterlist" of links to other notes (which means all of the links are underlined). I needed the list printed as a reference. The result is the same frustrating printout that everyone is complaining about: strike-throughs and large fonts. Please fix.
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