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  1. I believe the issue is the multiple device installation of Livescribe+. I had the same issue using my iPhone and iPad. I remove the software from the iPad and only use my iPhone. The issue never re-appeared.
  2. I use Livescribe 3 and Evernote. On my iPhone, the OCR text now appears at the top of the note, covering the top of the Livescribe note. Since my handwriting is less than perfect and I use many abbreviations and technical references, the Evernote OCR on my Livescribe notes isn't meaningful. Please display them below the Livescribe image (as they are in the Windows desktop). The placement of the OCR is a real problem.
  3. I have it running on a Windows 10 also and find the Sync very responsive over previous years.
  4. Re: Sidebar "colors" being added. Since when are "Black/White" colors? Now I learn that the television of my youth (50's-60's) was "Color" all the time! Really? Give us a few more choices.
  5. Forum login confusion

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