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  1. This would be a great feature! I'm still waiting for this. It should be straightforward to set headers and then generate a TOC in a note. Then finding the content later would be much faster.
  2. Here here. The new format is going for glitz over functionality, but Evernote's value is in being as efficient as possible. In general, I notice no substantive benefit with this new version. Will go back to the old one now.
  3. Oh yeah, big time. This is horrible. On multiple notes, I'm clicking and having to wait as long as 5 seconds for the note to display. They advertised that EN5 would be faster. NOT SO. I uninstalled it and went back to the previous version and now it's lightening fast again. The new features and slightly sleeker look don't begin to offset the slowness. They need to test these releases better before they put them out! It's a waste of people's time.
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