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  1. Having being using Evernote for years (Premium member from time to time) but the 2 devices limitation and the higher price are the last straw. Currently importing my notes into OneNote. Bye Bye Evernote. Think better next time.
  2. Thank you for your quick response. Yes, I can edit the title but not the content of the email. As fas as moving a bunch of email to Evernote, I prefer to organize emails in folders in Outlook but this is obviously a matter of personal preference. Thank you again and best regards.
  3. I use Outlook with Evernote Clipper. I believe that in previous versions it was possible to edit the email in the popup windows before "committing" them to Evernote but it is no longer possible. Maybe this is the wrong thread to ask but, as far as sending multiple email to Evernote is concerned, why do so many people need this functionality? What methodology are they using? Getting Things Done? Is it really helpful to have email in two different systems (Outlook and Evernote)? Apart from that searching items in Evernote is far better that in Outlook, I cannot see the point of doing so. I use to move actionable email to Evernote, but this does not require importing many emails. Thank you in advance for any suggestion on this topic!
  4. I´m an Evernote enthusiast and I would be interested in becoming an Evernote Ambassador. I could write in Italian (currently there is only one Italian Ambassador as far as I can see) about the following topics: - how I implemented GTD - how I use Evernote for both professional and private/family stuff - how I use Evernote for foreign language learning (currently German) Looking forward to your reply on how to apply to the Ambassador program. Regards, Claudio
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