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  1. I don't think you are off the mark. Actually, I didn't even remember that Windows version had ink input (just assumed Skitch took it over). However, I just tried it on the last version and it's just too lame compared to Penultimate or Onenote ink inputs, IMHO. It has cool features, though, like the auto-polygon (or whatever name they call it), but touch/stylus support is subpar (ex.: I cannot use pinch zoom while inking with stylus as in Onenote) and no pressure sensitivity. It's just like Windows Journal or Sticky Notes embedded in EN. So, if that's what they would bring to Android version, I think it's just too lame to even bother a premium subscription. I'd rather buy another app an find a way to export to EN. Thus, I keep waiting for a better solution (i.e. Penultimate for Android ;-) )
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