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  1. Well, that's a workaround for sure. Thanks! It's still odd and I feel like I'm doing something wrong. The mac interface seems less functional than the windows interface between this issue and not being able to select multiple tabs from the sidebar's visual hierarchy. But I know that the lack of consistency is already known to Evernote staff. Le sigh. It's still fantastic.
  2. I JUST got Evernote. I'm learning "The Secret Weapon" and I've run into an issue. Clicking on a sidebar tag switches me over to "All Notes" from my "Actions Pending" notebook. This isn't ideal, since I have a "completed" notebook as well. Which means when I click on, say, the tag for my "Polaris" project, no matter what notebook I'm in, I suddenly see current AND completed tasks. I know I can command click but it seems a reasonable bit of functionality to include out of the box so I'm here. Asking. Thanks!
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