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  1. I'm an avid Livescribe user and recently switched to the Sky version which synchs xclusively to Evernote. Each Livescribe notebook page appears as a separate Evernote note. Often I want to gather several pages together and print them to a single PDF as meeting notes. Evernote for Windows is awesome of this, just select the pages in the list view and hit File\Print. Unfortunately, with my Livescribe notes, It's rare that a group of 2 or more pages will print in the correct order. I've tried sorting by by Created and unclicking Reverse Order. It makes sense that this would work, but the creation time stamps don't seem to be driven by when the pages were written in Livescribe. It would be ideal if their were a way to order a group of pages before printing.
  2. If using the Windows version of Evernote, did you try using the Helper app? I'm just starting with the Sky and it seems like sometimes I need to "goose" the pen into synching by using the Livescribe Helper app.
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