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  1. I'm a reporter and I use premium because Evernote is essentially my steno pad and I need all my notes automatically synced on all my computers and devices. I was creating a notebook for each story I was working on, with a number of notes within them, but I reached the 250 synced notebook quota. I've just started to transition all of my stuff over to tags by creating a new tag with the name being the issue of the paper I'm working on (8/20/2013), hoping organizing notes into specific dated tags will help group my notes with the right edition of the paper. I'm retagging everything and deleting empty notebooks as I reorganize. Grumpy, let me me know if this makes sense. I'm not as experienced with tags as you are.
  2. Hi heather, I contacted support and they clarified that the 5,000 quota is for all users combined; it's still 250 per user under a business account. Oddly enough, it doesn't even mention 5,000 in advertising, but maybe I missed it. Evernote suggested I start using tags, so that's what I'm doing. Guess what, you can have up to 100,000 tags! That should do just fine. I'm downgrading from Business to Premium again. Thanks SoFresh_SoClean
  3. I upgraded to Business but it still says limited to 250. If I create a new personal notebook, it says it right away; when I create a business notebook, it lets me create a name but as soon as I hit return it says limit of 250. I thought it was 5,000?
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