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  1. I was able to get all my notes, after I signed out and signed back in on my i phone. Just my experience.
  2. Hello, I too would like instructions on how to use the VBA. I am able to copy and paste the text file into a test spreadsheet I try to run the macro and I get an "invalid outside procedure" compile error at the "Close #1" line of the code. Any help would be great. I use excel often and evernote everyday. Romain
  3. What was the search that you used? sharedate:* in the windows client
  4. I need to know if this is a shared notebook. I don't think it is. I think the icon is wrong.
  5. This note book has the shared icon. I did a search for shared notes and nothing showed up. How do I really know this notebook is shared or not? I would like to un-share it if it is shared. Any thoughts from this learned community would be very helpful. I am using EN in windows, iPhone and iPad, love EN has been a great help on my quest for organization. Romain
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