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  1. It too bad that this needs to take place on the Evernote forum, but perhaps it will motivate them to improve. I used Evernote for almost two years. Liked it, but didn't love it. I had a lot of problems with: -formatting, -copy/paste with screwy indents and widths, -LOTS of whitespace lost on tablet app on the left side of notes, -column width of note didn't automatically adjust to screen width forcing zoom or scroll to see everything -searching for word is erased when you try to refine your search to a folder (should just leave it) -messy organization...not very Apple like in having lots of stuff in the menu structures to dig through to get where you want to be My final straw was having the apps in Android crash on occasion while loading a note. When this happened, the note is DELETED!!! I called. They said I had to upgrade to Pro in order to restore previous history of the note. This happened about 4 times. That kind of program error that forces upgrades is not nice I moved to OneNote because my son at a university said he was only using that now and loved it. I already owned it as a part of the programs I have (Office 2013), and found it to: -be consistent and expected in formatting -can copy and paste anything from anywhere into any note -No whitespace when viewing note in app. Funny, it feels more like an Apple concept in being very clean and simplistic but powerful. -Notes automatically wrap text to screen size -Search is what you expect -Structure is even easier to navigate and faster for me. I wouldn't tell anyone to leave Evernote if it is working for them. I still think the app is good, but OneNote has definitely won me over. I moved all my notes over in about 1 hour and haven't gone back to Evernote since. Very happy with the OneNote apps on Win 8RT and Android (need Android 4+, I believe)
  2. This problem has been the same for me since I got it last year. It is less now, but still happens. I now have a WTF moment as a note was opened, nothing appeared, restarted the app and the note is now empty...everything inside it is gone. This is beyond BAD and exactly what an app like this should NEVER do. I've lost irreplaceable information that I thought was better protected in the cloud than on a device that could be stolen or lost as I travel. I was wrong. If you are a company that strives for a good reputation, please make sure that the apps you release work well when you are dealing with important information.
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