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  1. Yes, as Gary says, that's also necessary. Regards, Richard
  2. Actually I accidentally discovered the fix. There's an inconspicuous icon at the bottom of your Android notebook listing - an arrow pointing down at what is evidently supposed to be a tray that's evidently supposed to stand for your phone. Click on that and the list of notebooks changes to allow you to toggle off line for the ones you want to download. Once you've done that they will download.
  3. Found the solution in finally finding the obscure icon that must be tapped to activate offline access for each notebook.
  4. I'm having the same problem on my HTC One with Evernote premium. Followed Zozo's advice but it had no effect. Wonder if I missed the file. Zozo - what was the name of the file and where did you find it? I may have missed something.
  5. I'm also having an offline syncing problem. I've had Premium Evernote since 2010 but recently I've become very unhappy with it. I can no longer read notes offline on my Android phone. It's an HTC One so I don't think it's the phone's fault. Sync is on, Evernote says it's synced, offline search is on but if I'm not in an area with wifi, it says it can't bring up the note. Talked to support and they suggested uninstalling, rebooting and reinstalling but that made no difference. Did it again but this time went through and deleted every file and folder that referenced Evernote before reinstalling but still didn't make any difference. I don't see any place in Evernote where I can enable offline access for individual notebooks. Would love to find another app that did the things Evernote does but also allows offline access.
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