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  1. I am having the same problem. I never would have thought of attributing it to the Fall Creators Update but now it makes sense. I have all the same symptoms. I have tried your first 3 things in your list. I still have the problem. I had a huge database file (Just under 10 GB). Now I have turned on "Purge rarely viewed note content" older than 180 days and enabled all the Synch options including On Demand. Now my database file is 375 MB.
  2. According to an email received today, it is a legitimate bug. Just in case anyone else has this problem. Don't let that stop you from reporting too. The more that report it, the quicker it gets fixed.
  3. Outlook 2013 32 bit Evernote (latest) When I go to add an email to Evernote via the add in, it brings up the New Clip dialog box. When I go to add tags they are invisible. More specifically, I see them when I type but when I hit enter they disappear. They are still there because the cursor moves further to the right to allow each tag. When I hover over the tag, the x shows so I can remove the tag but I cannot see all the tags I have added. Very annoying. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. when I am tagging a note, I wish to jump to the notes list to tag another, the old keyboard shortcut does not work (ESC) to switch focus to the note list. Can you please fix this? Thanks.
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