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  1. Yeah - this is still an issue - that IMHO makes the product unusable. It's really too bad....
  2. Unfortunately not. This is very frustrating. Had detailed notes from a 1 hour meeting that I just lost. ARGH!
  3. Love that i can finally take notes directly in EN with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. But. I frequently lose notes. If your in the middle of taking a note (in the sketch mode) and lets say you switch over to another app (checking mail for example). Quite often (but not always) - I come back to EN to find that it has closed out of my sketch note - meaning I have lost everything. So - what I try to do is open up a sketch note... and then routinely click DONE and then go back into the sketch to keep working (this functions as a "save"). But - over the course of the day - it's easy to miss doing this - and subsequently I end up losing notes. Hopefully this is something that changes in the future. Does anyone else have this problem?
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