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  1. Yes, I can confirm the above. I have an "iPad 2,4" with newly loaded iOS7. I cannot go back to earlier versions of iOS. It doesn't seem as though earlier versions of Evernote are supported for iOS7 - is that true? I have a lot of files in my Evernote account, but they are all pretty vanilla text. I need to have access to them, reliably. To me, the hanging and crashing in this new version is more important than a lot of the feature requests that normally get discussed in these forums. If a fix for these problem(s) with iOS7 doesn't come soon-ish, I will simply have to move my data elsewhere. Just as a note, I updated to Evernote 7.0.2 (which in the App Store has a description "New with 7.0.1..." - doesn't inspire much confidence) and it seems to have the same problems as 7.0.1. I'd much rather pay more for a reliable version of what Evernote does, than to see Evernote instead investing its effort in a lot of the sidebar projects they seem to be undertaking.
  2. Just as a note, the web interface to Evernote allows you to change text to a range of colors, to upsize and downsize, and to change fonts. These are all awesome features just as they are. It would be well more than sufficient, actually it would be great, if these features could just be migrated from the web interface to the iPad and iPod. (I'll also note that the interface for entering this comment into this forum also has all those features, as well.)
  3. I would like to add my voice to the chorus. Changing the font size is crucial because if you use the Evernote app on an iPhone, an iPad, and from the browser, the font sizing inevitably gets mismatched, no matter how careful you are. It's definitely a deficit of the tool. Beyond font sizing, changing font colors would also be extremely helpful in capturing changes or proposed edits to an existing document. Pages does a good job with this (though I'd much prefer a solution that wouldn't require me to take my hands from my bluetooth keyboard.)
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