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  1. It's not up to the user to fix what Evernote can't. So thanks but no thanks.
  2. I don't even bother anymore. This is indeed a few years old and it seems unlikely to ever be fixed. And the new features in the Notes app from Apple is the last nail in the coffin. Good riddance.
  3. Searching kind:evernote will only find actual files but it's not really reading your notes. People have asked before on this thread what info devs need to tackle the issue, yet they don't reply to that specific question. I think this is just getting swept under the rug. I have also installed Evernote on different Macs and the issue is in all of them, so the claim of it is only affecting certain users is just completely false. Like I said before, this has been an issue for at least two years, so don't expect it to be fixed anytime soon
  4. Amazing this has been broken for at least 2 years and no fix in sight.
  5. Even the devs won't reply to this anymore, I guess, they, like most of us have given up as well.
  6. Shocking! it hasn't worked for over a year, why would we expect Spotlight to work now? Oh that's right, maybe because it's listed as one of the Features of the latest release?
  7. 6.0 has been released with the feature list including: "Spotlight search" Does it work? of course not. Thanks Evernote, it only took a year for you to "fix" Spotlight search in OS X and guess what, it was not fixed. Give it a couple more years?
  8. Any news on this issue? I just did a fresh install of Mavericks on my Mac and no evernote notes are being found in spotlight. Thanks
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