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  1. Since Evernote is at its core notes it would be nite that the add-in in Outlook would offer sync between Outlook Notes and Evernote.
  2. Hi there I have installed Evernote 4 on my laptop which installed an add-in in my Outlook 2007. I can only see a botton that says "Add to Evernote 4" my understanding is that doing this would copy my note from Outlook to Evernote however if I then modify the note on Outlook at a later moment any change wont be mirrored to the copy previously created in Evernote. Basically it's a once off copy rather than a sync. I dont need a full two way sync but I would be happy to have a one way sync from Outlook to Evernote. Is this possible in any way? Is it part of the premium offer? Thank you Dav
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