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  1. BROWNCOAT, I do NOT want the newest version of Evernote. IF I download the Webclipper will it install the new version also?
  2. BROWNCOAT, I am using Firefox 24. The button in tools is NOT there as you mentioned. but it is there in my laptop w Windows 7 Firefox
  3. Firefox/tools/ add to evernote I don't know if the web clipper, I just know it works with Win 7 /firefox but it NOT an optione in XP/firefox
  4. I have Evernote on Desktop and Laptop. Desktop has XP, laptop Win 7. Use Firefox on BOTH In Win 7 tools/add to evernote, Love it This choice is NOT available with Desktop XP.... solution?
  5. I installed Evernote version on my laptop this summer while on vacation. Laptop windows 7 I would like to install on my desktop, which is XP. Will I still be able to sync? the Laptop shows there is a newer version For Business 2.0; then it lists other versions.......... so which do I download to my desktop (if it will sync), ? and which update IF any, do I need for my laptop? There appear to be no version choices on the laptop
  6. I tried the right click with each notebook, it does not work. there is NO option to "rename", other options, no rename. It just send me to the contents.
  7. Instructions/knowledge base show how to delete a notebook, but cannot find a way to "rename" right click doesn't seem to work either suggestions welcom
  8. Thank you, it worked, I chose the VIEW on DESKTOP box. Before that it was view on Web, maybe that is why I couldn't see it??? I do not see a way to have both Views.........and why couldn't I see the Web view? I would like to see the Web view while traveling
  9. Reportedly it downloaded and installed. But not appearing on my HD. Instructions for how to use it are incorrect for V 22. I go to tools, add to Evernote web clipper, shows it is done, but it is NOT in the notebook! There are no choices on what to do with it as per incorrect instructions.
  10. I just had the same problem, FF 22, claims it downloaded, installed, not on my HD....plenty of space. The instructions for Web Clipper are totally incorrect for V 22...... I go to tools to to web clipper, box pops up, but no choices on what to do. So maybe it did install somewhere but it does NOT WORK...tried 3 different websites How do I fix it? I hate to use IE.......
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